Raven Oil

Suitable for dyeing natural rawhide carved leather, vegetable tanned leather and smooth and grained leathers.

WP3618-raven-oil-dye-dark-brown-50mlWP3613-raven-oil-dye-black-50mlWP3618-raven- oil-dye-brown-500mlWP3631-raven- oil-dark-brown-500mlWP3613-raven-oil-dye-500ml-blackWP36-raven-oil-blackWP36-raven-oil-black-brown

Stain penetrates deep into the grain. Does not affect the character and softness of leather. Suitable for dyeing and renovating shoes, bags and other leather goods. Colour may vary slightly from batch to batch.


Black, Brown, Dark Brown


50ml, 20L, 500ml, 5L

  • Test in an inconspicuous place first before using.
  • Shake bottle well.
  • Clean the surface of the leather using Waproo Stripper prior to application.
  • Apply Raven Oil using applicator brush or wad.
  • Allow to dry naturally.
  • Seal article with Waproo Renovating Polish of same colour.

TIP: Work over a large plastic sheet as stain is permanent.