How To Polish Your Business Shoes


What you will need –

  1. Good quality wax polish
  2. Polishing cloth
  3. Polishing brush
  4. Shoe wipes
  5. Newspaper or an old towel
  6. Of course, shoes!

Step 1:

Start by taking out the laces to access the tongue of the shoe. Then  use the large side of our  brush to remove dirt out of the  hard to reach areas.

Now use Waproo shoe wipes, enriched with carnauba wax.  Wipe down the surface to remove all remaining dirt and dust and let it dry.

TIP – You can use a damp cloth if you don’t have shoe wipes.

Step 2:

Now apply Waproo Renovating polish to the shoes.

Do so by putting some polish on the applicator side of the brush and apply onto the shoes  in a circular motion.

Now let the polish dry

TIP: Remember to get into the welts of the shoes.

Step 3:

Use the other side of the kombi-brush to buff  to a shine.

Then give the shoes a final finish with a soft cloth to remove all traces of polish.




Enjoy your newly polished shoes!

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